The Biblical Aspect of Abraham's Life

Ike Ozuome


The Biblical Aspect of Abraham’s Life is the third of a series of books that I have written on the life and journeys of various prominent characters in the Bible. These were people just like today’s Christians in many aspects but were used by God to accomplish His purpose and plan.

I published the first edition in 2013 to offer some helpful insights into the life and journeys of Abraham—the first major Hebrew patriarch—from a biblical perspective.

The book furnishes the background information and profile of Abraham and analyzes his wise and unwise actions from a biblical context and in terms of contemporary understanding of Christian life. It deals with the questions concerning his life: his character strengths and accomplishments, his weaknesses and failures, as well as the opportunities that he had and the threats that he faced in his walk with God.

Since first published many years ago, the need for new and up-to-date work and correction has become increasingly urgent. As a result, a few brief explanations from my years of intensive research and Bible studies, fresh discoveries, and a better understanding of certain aspects of the life of this remarkable Bible figure have been implemented in response to those who requested that we update the information in the book, but not change its essence. I believe this is the time that is suitable to bring this book The Biblical Aspect of Abraham’s Life back into print—to make the revised and updated edition available to our readers.

This new edition (though it has an obvious “preachy” tone to it because of its biblical nature) is a successor to the previous one. It is a study edition prepared to acquaint our readers with the life and journeys of the man Abraham—one of the most profoundly honored Bible figures and the one chosen of God to bring mankind to the “Redeemer” (our Savior and Lord Jesus Christ). It comprises four separate books or volumes:

  • Abraham’s background and journeys/years of wandering;

  • His character strengths and accomplishments;

  • His weaknesses and failures, opportunities and threats; and

  • Lessons learned from his life.

In each volume, I have tried to provide new insights and interpretations, adding a jot here and a tittle there, mostly to help our readers understand better the meaning of some texts in question. Some subjects also have been rearranged, to make them clearer (free from confusion or doubt) or more insightful and suggestive of new perspectives. But the titles and subtitles remain the same; they are adapted from the original edition.

For now, all the important changes and necessary corrections have been made. Where needed, footnotes instead of endnotes have been added at the bottom of the page to explain certain words, or names of individuals, places, and customs, as well as some concepts that may be strange to present-day readers. Each of these revised volumes includes the author’s preface, the introduction to the original edition, the concluding thoughts, a selected bibliography, the author’s profile, and an advertisement page for the books available from the author. . . .

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Ike Ozuome
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