The Biblical Aspect of Jacob's Life

Ike Ozuome


The Biblical Aspect of Jacob's Life is a detailed study of the life of a wealthy and powerful Old Testament believer who is like modern Christians in many aspects. The book gives us a clear understanding of the life of the third major Hebrew patriarch, Jacob, the son of Isaac and grandson of Abraham--a man whose life, right from the start was consumed by struggles and tension but was used by God to accomplish His plan and purpose of redemption for mankind. From this imperfect man, we learn important lessons about the life of faith and prayer, and especially about God's grace.

Whether you are a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or even a pagan, there is a little “Jacob” in each of us. Jacob, the son of Isaac and the grandson of Abraham was like us in many aspects. His life is particularly enjoyable and helpful to study because we can easily identify with him, especially with his struggles and negative qualities. Like many of us today, he came from a dysfunctional family, and from the start, his life was “full of drama and conflicts between him and his family members, and even between him and God.”

While he is one of the most significant people in the Bible that has powerful lessons to teach us today, his personal history is quite intriguing such that deception played a leading role. On one hand, “he was a man of faith and prayer, and on the other, a man of slick maneuvers and cunning ways.”

In the Biblical Aspect of Jacob’s Life, Pastor Ike Ozuome details the life of Jacob from a biblical perspective. He furnished Jacob's background information and profile and analyzed his wise and unwise actions from within the biblical context and in terms of contemporary understanding of Christian life.

The modern believer’s ability to understand and relate properly to Jacob’s life as expressed in this book will truly determine the fruitfulness of our service in the kingdom of God. He may not have been perfect but because God worked in his life, he maintained great influence—not only during his time but today as well. He is definitely an example of how God uses flawed but faithful people to accomplish His plans and purpose.

An insightful and highly-recommended read!

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Ike Ozuome
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